At OPH, it begins with the food and a total commitment to a better process. This means using whole ingredients, preparing fresh food daily and not accepting shortcuts. As the name indicates, we offer a wide variety of pancakes, crepes and waffles, requiring a number of unique, specialty batters. To achieve the ideal taste texture and freshness, each batter is made from scratch every day using only the highest quality ingredients.

We take every aspect of food preparation into consideration. Our corned beef hash is slow-roasted for 8 hours in-house before being blended with freshly cut onions and boiled potatoes. Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice is precisely that: fresh oranges cut and squeezed each morning by our serving staff. No water, no sugar, no preservatives - ever. Each large glass of orange juice contains a minimum of 5 freshly squeezed oranges. Our freshly cracked eggs, home prepared potatoes and hand rolled crepes are cooked to order in 93 score, AA grade clarified butter. For the butter novice, this is the highest quality product available and it is all we use.

We believe in the idea of providing world-class hospitality right here at OPH. This begins with a commitment to exceeding our guest’s expectations at every turn. Your needs should be filled before they occur to you, and with a smile. It is what we preach here and what we live by. We continually aim to improve our processes and would love to share them with you.

A great atmosphere isn’t just inviting décor and creative theming. Producing a great atmosphere requires a constant attention to detail. Your experience should be clean and inviting from the moment you walk through our doors. Come enjoy our old-world charm with a modern twist while enjoying the tastiest breakfast on the market.